Mock brand Cucharillas, Fire Tablet and TV experience

Cucharillas – mock brand exercise

By Michele, 14th April 2017

Last year I was asked to to mock up a possible sponsorship experience for a seasonal promotion (Summer Movies). The sponsoring product needed to be somehow related to movie watching, therefore food was an easy choice. Avoiding to use a real brand, I chose tortilla chips as a fun product to work with: I have researched market leaders for the same type of product and decided to have a similar tone of voice (boldness) but a more traditional visual approach. I have researched Mexican patterns to use in packaging and created the name “Cucharillas” (small spoons), then created a logo and typography to suit and, finally, chose all imagery (it’s all about the texture!) and messaging to create a mock campaign, which I have then adapted to existing wireframes and ad placements. The final deck has been used to train sales representatives and it has been instrumental in raising clients’ interest.