Amazon Fire TV - HBO landing page

Fire TV Landing pages

By Michele, 18th December 2016

These are a few examples of Landing pages designed for the Amazon Fire TV experience. User journey starts from the homepage hero banner and can lead to a video or to a landing page, offering product information, more videos or a shopping experience.

For Microsoft I only had campaign assets and guidelines and therefore I was quite free in creating my preferred visual solution for the banner and landing page, within the chosen template.

For Citroën I had received the banner ad from the client and I only made minor modifications to it in order to adapt it and pass QA. The final landing page was a static one, built according to Citroën’s visual guidelines for the campaign.

HBO provided the hero banner, which I had to modify only slightly. The page and tiles were left to me to design and build, according to the style of the client’s Christmas campaign and using inspiration from assets used for a different placement.