Mock brand Cucharillas, Fire Tablet and TV experience

Cucharillas – mock brand exercise

14th April 2017

Last year I was asked to to mock up a possible sponsorship experience for a seasonal promotion (Summer Movies). The sponsoring product needed to be somehow related to movie watching, therefore food was an easy choice. Avoiding to use a real brand, I chose tortilla chips as a fun product to work with: I have researched market […]

Amazon Fire TV - HBO landing page

Fire TV Landing pages

18th December 2016

These are a few examples of Landing pages designed for the Amazon Fire TV experience. User journey starts from the homepage hero banner and can lead to a video or to a landing page, offering product information, more videos or a shopping experience. For Microsoft I only had campaign assets and guidelines and therefore I was quite […]

Xbox Forza Horizon 3 tablet landing page

Landing pages

5th October 2016

Working for Amazon I have had the chance to create Landing Pages for our clients. These were designed according to investment, templates and client’s requirements. All pages are designed across desktop, tablet and mobile.

DVD Easter photoshoot fo

Table-top photoshoots

11th January 2016

While working for Amazon Creative Services I was lucky enough to be one of the few team members who were in charge of organising and carrying out small table-top photoshoots for product-driven promotions. I was given specific training on product photography (and more) by a professional photographer and after that I was able to use the […]


Nestle Cailler Campaign

2nd January 2016

This is an example of large AMG client booking a multi-locale campaign (US, UK, DE) with presence in all placements: Kindle Fire, onsite and offsite e-commerce and Mobile. The client was launching new products and provided specific assets: the challenge was to adapt them to  all our placements, especially those with a different orientation (original […]

Kindle Fire - The Hobbit

Kindle Fire Wakescreens

2nd January 2016

Working for Amazon Media Group I have adapted many client campaigns to the Kindle Fire wakescreen (the first image a user sees when switching the device on). Entertainment campaigns were generally the most fun to work with, but you can see in the gallery below that I have worked with different categories. The main challenge […]

Styleguides for Amazon


31st December 2015

When working for Amazon Creative Services (2010-2014) I was involved in the creation of seasonal styleguides, used  globally on retail merchandising graphics. These originated from ideation sessions among designers in UK and US and then led by a the designer whose initial proposal was chosen (or several designers if different ideas were merged). The examples […]

The Fly Awards - Amazon poster

The Fly Awards – Amazon poster

31st December 2014 was present at the FLY Awards 2014 and this poster allowed attendees to “scan and buy” winner and shortlisted album. I created the “Album of the Year” lockup, but otherwise maintained a black and white and minimalistic design in accordance with the FLY brand traits.

Amazon EU retail graphics

Amazon retail graphics

22nd May 2014

I have been working for a few years (2010-2014) supporting retail categories in Amazon and producing visuals in order to merchandise and promote various products. I have gained a large experience especially with Media categories (Film, Music, Books) in all 5 EU locales (UK, DE, FR, IT, ES). The examples below show you the range […]

Beatles Gateway presence on Beatles takeover

22nd March 2013

In march 2013, in order to celebrate 50 years from the release of “Please, please me” by the Beatles, Amazon Music in the UK decided to create a completely custom takeover page for one day. The brief consisted in creating a look consistent with 1963. Research was based on period music magazines and advertising and […]