Mock brand Cucharillas, Fire Tablet and TV experience

Cucharillas – mock brand exercise

14th April 2017

Last year I was asked to to mock up a possible sponsorship experience for a seasonal promotion (Summer Movies). The sponsoring product needed to be somehow related to movie watching, therefore food was an easy choice. Avoiding to use a real brand, I chose tortilla chips as a fun product to work with: I have researched market […]

The Rickshaw Run - Tuk Fast, Tuk Furious

Tuk Tuk! (The Rickshaw Run 2015)

28th March 2016

This was a very unusual project; really one of a kind. A colleague participated to the 2015 Rickshaw Run from N West to N East India and he needed designs for the 2 Tuk Tuk he and his friends were going to use. I had to design using (rather approximate)  “wrap-around” templates, which would then […]

Styleguides for Amazon


31st December 2015

When working for Amazon Creative Services (2010-2014) I was involved in the creation of seasonal styleguides, used  globally on retail merchandising graphics. These originated from ideation sessions among designers in UK and US and then led by a the designer whose initial proposal was chosen (or several designers if different ideas were merged). The examples […]