Mock brand Cucharillas, Fire Tablet and TV experience

Cucharillas – mock brand exercise

14th April 2017

Last year I was asked to to mock up a possible sponsorship experience for a seasonal promotion (Summer Movies). The sponsoring product needed to be somehow related to movie watching, therefore food was an easy choice. Avoiding to use a real brand, I chose tortilla chips as a fun product to work with: I have researched market […]

The Rickshaw Run - Tuk Fast, Tuk Furious

Tuk Tuk! (The Rickshaw Run 2015)

28th March 2016

This was a very unusual project; really one of a kind. A colleague participated to the 2015 Rickshaw Run from N West to N East India and he needed designs for the 2 Tuk Tuk he and his friends were going to use. I had to design using (rather approximate)  “wrap-around” templates, which would then […]

TravelPlan247 Mobile


6th March 2016

Another nice project which gave me a blank canvas to start from. The brief from the client was accurate regarding the purpose of the site and provided several visual examples, but it was very open to interpretation. I started by defining a brand presence and later worked on UI and visuals: fortunately the client was very […]

WSQ logo

More String Quartets websites

3rd January 2016

Yes, I know, more string quartets website, but this time the client asked for a completely different style from the previous ones. I suggested also that they should be fully responsive so they would display properly across all devices. In order to remain within a low budget I scouted the net looking for reliable templates, […]

Music websites logos

String Quartets websites

20th August 2015

A client of mine is in the music business and I have created several simple HTML websites for him. While he provided content (text and most images) I took care of the logos, the UI, a simple music player and put the whole thing together, I have then replicated the site several times over, changing […]

The Fly Awards - Amazon poster

The Fly Awards – Amazon poster

31st December 2014 was present at the FLY Awards 2014 and this poster allowed attendees to “scan and buy” winner and shortlisted album. I created the “Album of the Year” lockup, but otherwise maintained a black and white and minimalistic design in accordance with the FLY brand traits.

Jazz on the Common

The poster that went wrong

30th December 2013

I was contacted by the owners of a restaurant pub in SW London to design a poster and flyer for their idea of organising a jazz event in the park. The brief was quite loose so I created typography and illustrations using light, summery colours to reflect the mood of the event. Although we went through just a […]

Blowreel Card


21st December 2013

The client was setting up a news aggregator site, following music, fashion, video trends and so forth. He was looking for a simple and clean logo, with high legibility and easy to recognise. He later also commissioned a set of background/cover images for social media, experimenting with different colours and styles of backgrounds.  

Beatles Gateway presence on Beatles takeover

22nd March 2013

In march 2013, in order to celebrate 50 years from the release of “Please, please me” by the Beatles, Amazon Music in the UK decided to create a completely custom takeover page for one day. The brief consisted in creating a look consistent with 1963. Research was based on period music magazines and advertising and […]