DVD Easter photoshoot fo amazon.co.uk

Table-top photoshoots

11th January 2016

While working for Amazon Creative Services I was lucky enough to be one of the few team members who were in charge of organising and carrying out small table-top photoshoots for product-driven promotions. I was given specific training on product photography (and more) by a professional photographer and after that I was able to use the […]

Styleguides for Amazon


31st December 2015

When working for Amazon Creative Services (2010-2014) I was involved in the creation of seasonal styleguides, used  globally on retail merchandising graphics. These originated from ideation sessions among designers in UK and US and then led by a the designer whose initial proposal was chosen (or several designers if different ideas were merged). The examples […]

Amazon EU retail graphics

Amazon retail graphics

22nd May 2014

I have been working for a few years (2010-2014) supporting retail categories in Amazon and producing visuals in order to merchandise and promote various products. I have gained a large experience especially with Media categories (Film, Music, Books) in all 5 EU locales (UK, DE, FR, IT, ES). The examples below show you the range […]