Xbox Forza Horizon 3 tablet landing page

Landing pages

5th October 2016

Working for Amazon I have had the chance to create Landing Pages for our clients. These were designed according to investment, templates and client’s requirements. All pages are designed across desktop, tablet and mobile.

TravelPlan247 Mobile


6th March 2016

Another nice project which gave me a blank canvas to start from. The brief from the client was accurate regarding the purpose of the site and provided several visual examples, but it was very open to interpretation. I started by defining a brand presence and later worked on UI and visuals: fortunately the client was very […]


Nestle Cailler Campaign

2nd January 2016

This is an example of large AMG client booking a multi-locale campaign (US, UK, DE) with presence in all placements: Kindle Fire, onsite and offsite e-commerce and Mobile. The client was launching new products and provided specific assets: the challenge was to adapt them to  all our placements, especially those with a different orientation (original […]

Kindle Fire - The Hobbit

Kindle Fire Wakescreens

2nd January 2016

Working for Amazon Media Group I have adapted many client campaigns to the Kindle Fire wakescreen (the first image a user sees when switching the device on). Entertainment campaigns were generally the most fun to work with, but you can see in the gallery below that I have worked with different categories. The main challenge […]