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More String Quartets websites

3rd January 2016

Yes, I know, more string quartets website, but this time the client asked for a completely different style from the previous ones. I suggested also that they should be fully responsive so they would display properly across all devices. In order to remain within a low budget I scouted the net looking for reliable templates, […]

Styleguides for Amazon


31st December 2015

When working for Amazon Creative Services (2010-2014) I was involved in the creation of seasonal styleguides, used  globally on retail merchandising graphics. These originated from ideation sessions among designers in UK and US and then led by a the designer whose initial proposal was chosen (or several designers if different ideas were merged). The examples […]

School Party poster

30th October 2014

My kids’ school was organising a big anniversary party and I was helping the PA, therefore I offered to design the A3 invite poster which was then printed and put all around the area. My priority was to keep it light, bright and fun, still containing all essential information clearly (especially timing and ticket details). Flat […]

Jazz on the Common

The poster that went wrong

30th December 2013

I was contacted by the owners of a restaurant pub in SW London to design a poster and flyer for their idea of organising a jazz event in the park. The brief was quite loose so I created typography and illustrations using light, summery colours to reflect the mood of the event. Although we went through just a […]

Beatles Gateway presence on Beatles takeover

22nd March 2013

In march 2013, in order to celebrate 50 years from the release of “Please, please me” by the Beatles, Amazon Music in the UK decided to create a completely custom takeover page for one day. The brief consisted in creating a look consistent with 1963. Research was based on period music magazines and advertising and […]