The Rickshaw Run - Tuk Fast, Tuk Furious

Tuk Tuk! (The Rickshaw Run 2015)

By Michele, 28th March 2016

This was a very unusual project; really one of a kind. A colleague participated to the 2015 Rickshaw Run from N West to N East India and he needed designs for the 2 Tuk Tuk he and his friends were going to use. I had to design using (rather approximate)  “wrap-around” templates, which would then be sent to India ahead of the charity race and hand painted on the machines by local artists.

The general idea was to have a racing feel to it and to turn the “2 Fast, 2 Furious” logo/title into “Tuk Fast, Tuk Furious, but all else was left open. They were raising money for a charity engaged in the protection of Indian elephants, so obviously an elephant motif was to be included, as well as the tiger, typically Indian.

Also, I suggested to have a large map of the itinerary right at the front, and I chose to use green and orange illustrations of tropical vegetation to create the effect of the Indian flag wrapped around the tricycles.

I never had the chance to see the end product in person, but judging by the pictures the painters did an excellent job replicating my design…what do you think?