DVD Easter photoshoot fo amazon.co.uk

Table-top photoshoots

By Michele, 11th January 2016

While working for Amazon Creative Services I was lucky enough to be one of the few team members who were in charge of organising and carrying out small table-top photoshoots for product-driven promotions. I was given specific training on product photography (and more) by a professional photographer and after that I was able to use the equipment available to carry out small projects as devised with some retail categories and vendors.

There was a little bit of experimentation on what we wanted to display and how, but the main objective was to create simple shots which were of a better quality that photoshopped product compositions, retaining the same clarity and direct messaging. And all was done an a small scale. It was, in my view, pushing typical Amazon merchandising towards advertising.

Below you can see example of a Christmas (2013) photoshoot for Amazon.fr DVD category, where I worked with a colleague to create the set and then went through a few trial runs before deciding the final layout.

A different project was an Easter (2014) photoshoot for DVD UK. The concept is rather simple and it was approved after a few sketches and simple shots. Then it was moved to the studio where I worked to get the final shots. Images were used in slideshow banners and gateway flyout placement after final art-working.